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Petite Flower Presents

Welcome to Petite Flower Presents!

Since we had cable television in China in the early 90's, I started watching runway shows whenever I had the chance. Never for a million years, however, had I dreamed that I would be as close as I am today to fashion and all things related. My love for fashion is deeply rooted in my appreciation for colors, textures, shapes, and how combination of them could be so expressive and personal. Like any other art form, fashion is a way of self-expression. During the process of finding of things to wear and how to wear them, one finds his/her own voice.

It is my biggest hope to use this site as platform, to discover and share all things I love about fashion and life style with you, my dear readers. Please feel free to comment and ask questions, I will try my best to answer.

A little more personal...

I was born and grew up in China. Came to the States over a decade ago to get my Master's and hadn't left since. Three things I will always enjoy: a gallery visit, a good movie and dinner with close friends. I also love travel, knitting and photography. Most of the pictures you see in this blog, unless noted otherwise, are taken by my husband as I "discovered" his hidden talent. :D


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