Petite Flower

Whimsical Cool Girl

Petite Flower
Whimsical Cool Girl

Hello, my dear friends! In a previous post, I mentioned that my current favorite fashion house is Dior because the new artistic director, Maria Grazia Chiuri, got the perfect mix of edge, whimsical, and sophistication, that even a very mature, all grown-up woman like moi, want to be that carefree, cool girl again.

The secret sauce, even without buying a single piece of Dior design, is mixing elements of whimsy and feminine with shapes and styles of masculine and edgy. Both of the sweater and the tulle skirt I wear today are from Zara, the sweater is almost square but the zodiac embroideries make it more girly. Same goes with the skirt, the navy color is too generic and somber, but the fairy embroideries make it more special.

Another key styling point, for this grown-up girl look, is to accessorize more handsomely. in other words, man’s hat, loafer, etc, are better options than pumps and hairbands. When an outer layer is required, I’d layer with trench coats or oversized blazer instead of fitted lady coats for this look.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you have enjoyed this look and would love try out something similar yourself. ^^ See you in mine next post!

Outfit Details:

Zara sweater;
Zara skirt;
Gucci platform pumps;
Dior bag;
Dior beret;
Oliver People sunglasses;