Styling Trends On The Street

Styling Trends On The Street

Hello, my dear friends! Now that fashion month is more than half way through with only PFW left, I think it is pretty safe to call some current styling trends based on what we've seen so far.  My top street style trend picks are: mad about plaid, pastel color-blocking, anything vinyl, traffic-policing coat, logo mania, and leopard statement

<Disclaimer: all images of this post are from shot by Phil Oh unless noted otherwise, you can see the entire gallery of street styles on>

Mad About Plaid

Plaid is already a huge trend last fall and it doesn't seem to slow down a bit. The street styles of NYFW and LFW are plastered with all things plaid: plaid suit, plaid coat, plaid boots, even plaid socks. If you don't have anything plaid yet, I'd suggest jump on the wagon with a plaid blazer, preferably oversized like the one Rachel (5th image) has or a plaid trench like the one Tiffany (4rd image) wore. If you have some plaid pieces already, it is time to layer them up as I've mentioned in my last runway report (Calvin Klein) or cinch the waist with a statement vinyl belt like Sophie and Jess (last two images).

Pastel Color-Blocking

This time during NYFW, I was happy to see a lot more colorful outfits among fellow show-goers, especially in uplifting sorbet hues like pink, lilac, yellow, lime green, orange and red. While most opted to go tonal with one single color or 2-3 in the same color group, some would wear a bright color underneath an otherwise very neutral outfit (last two images).

Anything Vinyl

Last September, we saw quite a bit of vinyl pieces on the runway. Maybe the designers really do have a crystal ball into the future because this month, vinyl coats and accessories became very handy in the rain of New York and London, and quite possibly, the snow in Paris. I like the high-fashion appeal of vinyl when it is done right. Personally, I wore a pair of cropped, flare vinyl pants with a trench top (will write it up in a separate post). I also like the idea of a vinyl trench or maybe a cute vinyl tote.

Traffic-Policing Coat

We are not talking about traffic-stopping statement coats, of course those are good to have at any given time; we are talking about utilitarian coats resembles that of a construction worker or police man, like the Balenziaga red coat (1st image). I can't say I am a huge fan of them so much so I would dish out a few thousand $$$ for one, I won't rule out the chance, though, that I will take one of my husband's old coat and neon duck tape it. Aviator jumpsuit came back on scene, too (last image), I like the idea wearing a bright (best pastel) turtleneck beneath. 

Logo Mania

This trend became more obvious during MFW because of F (for Fendi) and GC (for Gucci). If logos on your bag and belt is not loud enough, now they are all over your coat and legs, yes, logo tights are super hot now. This trend, I forecast, will be even more pronounced next week in Paris street style because you've got CD (for Dior) and Balenciaga.

Statement Leopard

Both designer and fashion editors are happy about this new era of animal print, especially leopard. Tom Ford had a few looks in his FW18 collection in various leopard prints. The most important thing is not having something leopard in your outfit, it is about having leopard as the main element of your outfit like Giovanna and ADR did. Have on a leopard coat and leopard print tights, layering in another trendy pattern like floral or plaid, then you can claim yourself the queen of fashion jungle. :D