Summer To Fall

Summer To Fall


Hello, my dear friends! Fall is falling on us faster than we think, now in the morning, we can see our breath while at noon, it is still pretty warm. ‘Tis the season for layers, without a doubt. Today, I’m going to use one outfit as an example to go over a few styling “tricks” for transitioning seamlessly form summer to fall.

Trick 1: Layer up
First thing first, the easiest way to transition is to layer up. Shirts under dress, or dress over pant, for example. For today’s look, I layered a long sleeve blouse under a strappy dress.


Trick 2: Keep ’em light
Early fall is the time when wool and leather could be too hot while silk and cotton is a bit chilly, so the bet practice is to layer up the silk and the cotton while have a thicker coat / jacket / blazer handy for a third layer during the colder hours of the day. Both the blouse and the dress I wore in today’s look are of thinner fabrics, even after layering up, they are not the warmest when it is 50F outside. So I added a light-weight, oversized trench on top for extra warmth.

Trick 3: Use fall colors
A lot of times, we are ‘cheated” by what we see. Rich fall hues such as burgundy, olive green and golden brown, give us the feeling of warmth. Even when the fabric feel cool on the skin, if the colors are darker, we feel warmer. Use at least one, or two, fall colors when layering up summer pieces would be another trick for seamless transitioning.

Trick 4: Be creative with accessories
The biggest problem we have with summer wardrobe, besides the thinner fabric, is the exposure of skin. Even with layering up, the problem could still exist or some are not suitable for layers, such as shoes. In this case, add an easily-removeable accessory for warmth and coverage if needed. A great example would be adding a light scarf over a camisole, or a pair of socks to be worn with sandals, or pumps to get that sock boot effect.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you find these tricks useful. Please let me know if the comment section styling questions and challenge you might have, I’d love to discuss them. See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Tibi blouse;
Anna K dress;
W Concept trench
JW Anderson bag;
Chanel boots;