2019 Style Trend Watch

Happy New Year, my dear friends! How is your first week of 2019, off to a great start, I hope. I feel pretty pumped for the new year because horoscope says Sagittarius is going to have a great year in wealth and career. True or false, I think it is a sign that in 2019, we could afford to push the boundaries a little, try new things and visit new places we’ve been longing to. Even if you are not a Sagittarius, I think 2019 is a year of breakthrough for all. Maybe we can start with something relatively easy, like, 2019 style trends?

Here are my personal prediction of what is going to be trending in 2019 styling-wise, they are as dependable as horoscopes, all up to your intepetation. ^^

  1. Oversized

If every fashion store you visit, every online clothing website you check, and every other style blogger you follow, you noticed their blazers, coats, pants, even dressed are getting bigger, don’t be alarmed. The tailoring is not off, it is ON trend. Oversized look is daunting on those of us who are not 175cm+ tall, the best way to incorporate that into your daily look is pairing an oversized top with regular (even shorter) bottom. Great time to use those wide belts you didn’t want to toss, too! If you don’t want to wear the blazers without anything beneath, wear a solid color turtleneck or button down shirt instead, they also help to elongate our body and make you look taller.

2. Pre-Mixed

Mixing prints, textures, colors, is everyone’s challenge, even for professional stylists. Great news for all, designers are being to take the guess out of the game and pre-mix them for us. In 2019, we will be able to purchase piece with different prints, textures, lengths, even different styles, pre-designed and sewed into one. We can just buy and wear and look perfectly styled.

3. Pastel

When the garments are coming closer to gender neutral, we counter with elements that are super feminine. Pastel can be our style hero this year. A pastel oversized suit, for example, could be both on point and classy, tres chic! If you are conscientious about wearing pastel, try for a pastel handbag or shoes, they are as fun and versatile as everyone’s favorite black bag.

4. Neon

As part of the overall street chic and athletic chic trend, neon is probably one of my favorite micro trends. Nothing loosen up and make any style more relatable than neon. I’m leaning towards the citrus hues as you might have noticed in my last post, they are energetic colors to me. My best advice on styling with neon is to have it in small dose and pair with dark neutrals.

5. Daytime Glam

Yes, we are talking about shinny things: sequins, metallic, rhinestones, faux pearls, etc. From statement earrings to bedazzled footwear, bringing those shinny things out to the day light could be so liberating, and fun! What would a great place to start? Pairing a pair of sparkly heels with your favorite boyfriend jeans, you will look, as they say, effortlessly chic!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you find these trends interesting enough to try. Would love to hear your feedback on what you’d like to see more on www.petiteflowerpresents.com: everyday styling tips, trend watch, skin care tips, travel stories, editorial work..let me know!


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