The New Casual

The New Casual


Hello, my dear friends! Living in an area where there are equal number of lawyers and database techs, I found the street styles in the DC Metro area is more dynamic than any would have expected. When this new casual silhouette hit the runway then the fashion circle, I thought it would be a great one for my fellow DMV dwellers. The best words I can think of to describe this new look, are polished oversize.

The essence of casual is comfort. Oversize means comfort. Boyfriend jeans have been wildly popular because they are extremely comfortable, mom jeans are popular because they make you feel okay to eat…when you marry the two (no, not boyfriend and mom, just the styles), bam, you got this new pant look that are comfortable and distinctively female. The silhouette is super flattering to all body types (S shape, heart shape, pear shape, pencil shape, except the ball shape), now not only the focus is on the tiniest of your body, the waist, your legs look longer because of the high waist line.

Now we got this long and some what baggy pants, what to wear with so we don’t look short and fat while still keep the comfort? Well, designers thought of the same and their answer is cropped top with volume. You see lots of oversized sweaters and shirts on the market now, they work super well with these pants. Make sure you tuck the hem in (if not cropped) and use a  belt (not the skinny kind) to avoid loosing your waist definition, it is the key to this entire look, a defined waistline that will separate stylish from ill-fitting.

Casual should never mean sloppy. Personally, I like to “dress up” a casual look via accessories, especially a quality handbag and some fashion jewelry. They are the details that will elevate any look, make a casual look more polished without loosing the comfort. Shoe is another one of my fav styling point, with this new casual look, I think block heels, pointy-toe mules, slouchy boots, bejeweled sneakers, are all good options for both comfort and style. The only category I might stay away from is stiletto pumps, they are just too dressy for the vibe.

The cut of the pants determine whether this new casual look will work or not. While there are many similar styles out there, not all are created equal. My favorite is the ones fit well around the waist and hip, then flare out below the hip, almost A-line like. I’ve picked a few of them here:

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you’ll be inspired to try out this new casual look, please share with me via comments what you come up with if you do. See you in my next post!

Outfit Details:

Carven pin-tucked top;
Rejina Pyo denim pants;
Balenciaga bag;
Celine shoes <similar, more similar>;
Gucci sunglasses;