Brunch Behavior

Hello, my dear friends! How was your week? Even though I don’t have a 9-5 office job, weekends are always special to me because my kids are home, and my get-together with girlfriends usually happens over the weekend. We either have dinner or brunch.

Over the years, my family and friends have learned to let me take pictures of their food, or hold their forks, etc, so I can get the perfect shot. These days, I’ve noticed that I have less and less desire to stage the perfect shot, or trying to “document” what we eat all together. One of the reason is you (yes, my audience) prefer more fashion-centered images, I’m much less motivated to hold everyone off for a picture that less people appreciate.

My typical brunch behavior nowadays, is more style-centered - I like to find the perfect casual glam outfit each time I have a date with my girls. Although I’ve been pushing boundaries with my styles in many occasions, I’d like to keep it low-key, elegant but still original with my girl-time looks. Take today’s brunch look for example, it is causal overall because of the wide-leg pants, but unexpected and dressier with the ruffled tulle blouse. I had on strappy sandals that make sounds like a maracas, and enamel jewelry that are both fine in quality and fun in styles.

The look I’ve always trying to accomplish with any of my styling, is the balance between feminine and masculine, casual and formal. Overall, I am a tad leaning towards feminine and dressier side, like a PH 6 drink.

To top this look off, if a bag is desired, I’d go with one of these trendy and fun beaded ones because they are just like this ensemble, casual and glam.


<Thank you Shawn Warren for partnering with this post. View more closeup images of my style editorial with Shawn Warren here>


Julianna Bass tulle ruffled blouse;
Fendi wide-leg culottes;
Jacquemus sandals;
Shawn Warren earrings & bracelet;
Chloe sunglasses;