Shine Everyday

Hello, my dear friends! How is your first week of Fall? We’ve been seen a lot more rain here in DC than what we are used to for fall. Some people like drizzling rain, find it soothing and romantic; some might get slightly depressed by all the gray and wetness. I am a sunshine girl, a few day of gloomy weather you will find me hiding under the covers and not wanting to go anywhere. It’s all temporary, we all know, the rain will pass and the sun will be out…what do you do in between, however, how do we lift our spirits on a gloomy day?

Over the years, I found out the more truthful we are to ourselves, the easier it is to get out of this kind of low tide. Don’t deal with it tomorrow, tomorrow is too far; don’t hide it with yesterday, yesterday is already gone, deal with it today. Do something today to feel better, to get back on the horse. Here are some of my personal time-tested spirit-lifting hacks, I’m sharing them with you and I would love to hear your “tricks”:

  • Eat carbs. My “happy meal” is a warm chocolate croissant + extra hot latte, it is instant gratification, I can feel the warm, fuzzy feeling rising from my stomach to my face.

  • Listen to dance music. Ain’t about the moves, all about the mood. I love dance music with easy to follow lyrics, they are super silly but being silly makes me forget about being sad.

  • Watch comedy & exercise. This is as powerful as ice cream float, you get a big release of endorphins which will make you happy and it is scientifically proven. For a girl who needs to watch her figure, this is my go-to trick when I have an hour or two.

  • Wear pretty things. This last bit should apply to any day, actually. Beautiful things such as complimentary designs and sparkling jewelry, will make us feel pretty and more confident. The true luxury is not getting dolled up once in a while for special occasions, it is to have the freedom to live the life you want, including enjoy the finer things whenever you want.

Thoughts? Please comment with your personal fav bad-weather coping strategy. Regardless what the weather is like, I believe we can shine inside everyday!

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