Hello, my dear friends! Another beauty review today, you might ask, why so frequent? It so happens that I was offered two lines of products almost the same time, they have dealt with different skin problems I had, and now I am seeing great improvement in my skin’s health, I thought it would be fair for me to review both and give you an overall picture.

Today’s hero piece is Clarins Double Serum. It is a mix of 20+ plant extracts with turmeric being the newest anti-aging ingredient. The serum is amber-colored, with very mild fragrance, it spread easily onto skin (as you can see in the video below) and leaves the skin feeling very supple,  a little wet but not tacky. Unlike some serums that absorb quickly and require additional moisturizer to keep skin from drying out, a single application of the Clarins Double Serum, I needed nothing in additional and my skin feels hydrated for over 12 hours. That is a first for me, I was super impressed.


Of course, I have my doubts. What happens when I don’t use the serum, will my skin be dry? How is the effect on skin overall other than hydration? Although solving the hydration problem is already one big step forward as far as I am concerned on anti-aging, I am also curious on whether the serum can improve skin texture, lightening dark spots, etc. After using it every night for over three weeks, my conclusion is yes, it does improve skin texture and no, it does little in lightening skin.

Right now, my skin is in a great condition it hasn’t seen for a while — soft, radiant and even a little bouncy. It is different than how I felt when I was ten years younger, granted, but I didn’t expect that type of magic without more drastic measures. An overall improved skin condition makes me super happy already. It could be a combination of several things: detoxing (I’ve been taking less sugary foods and perspiring more); balancing (use of probotic-based beauty line); and last but not least, good moisturizing with this Double Serum.
Clarins Double Serum is a win-win product for me because I save both time and money with it. I will continue to use it until the next best thing. One lesson I learned about beauty routine and skin care is be consistent, and always work your way inside out.

Thank you so much for reading! I really hope you give this product a try, especially if you have normal to dry skin like mine. Let me know how you like it in the comments, if you do end up trying! See you in my next post!

<Thank you Clarins in partnering with this post>

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