Sweet or Sassy?

Hello, my dear friends! As the temperature continue to climb, we want everything to be lighter: clothing, diet, hair color, and of course, makeup. The best scenario would be if the makeup we used is long-lasting, sun-blocking and water-proofing while being all natural. Products like that are far and between but they are available. In today's post, I've teamed up with Clarins to review two innovative lip products that can be your ultimate lip care this summer.

My first exposure to Clarins Instant Light Lip Comfort Oil was last December. I used a shimmering gold one over a matte red lip stick, it felt like a nectar, tasted and smelled like one, too! It is made of pure plant oils so it nourishes and protects lips from harsh weather. The color is not very noticeable with the gold shimmer, so this time around I tried a more vibrant one, 05 Tangerine. 

The color looked like a bright red judging from the bottle, once applied, it turned a little darker to sheer brick red on my lips. I realized that the color might vary from person to person depending on the wearer's PH level, which makes this one very fun to wear because you could get a different shade each time! ^^ 

After a few gummy lips, I had to reapply the lip oil again, I don't mind it at all. Not only is the sweet fragrance super pleasant, my lips stay soft all day long when I use the oil. For everyday go-to lip gloss, I'm definitely a #teamsweet girl.

The lip stain wasn't all that exciting to me at the beginning. Most lip sticks I have used aren’t very summer friendly for when I’m sweating and get more oily, often feathering like crazy. The layers of foundation and lip liner we put on during colder months to prevent bleaching are not appealing, either.  Once I tried it, to say I am happily surprised by the lip stain is an understatement.

It felt weird at the beginning, a little runny because it is 77% water. It dries pretty fast, though. Once dried, I felt nothing at all, like I wasn't wearing any lip product. More application will make the color even stronger. As you might see from the pictures, I was putting on a second coat in the closeup picture. 


If you have the burning question of how easy this lip stain can be taken off, you are not alone. I tried to eat with it on (with drinks and food), nothing happened; I tried to wipe it with a paper tissue, not much came off; finally I took most of it off with my makeup removal towelette that I use for my entire face. The rest just melted away after I put on a lip mask. 

With the time it takes to put on and take off the Water Lip Stain, I probably won't have it in my purse everyday. However, if I have an event to go to, say a rooftop cocktail party, I'd definitely use the lip stain and not worry about feathering or reapplying the whole night. In those case, I am on #teamsassy.

Thank you so much for reading! Which team will you be on? Keep an eye out for @clarinsusa, there is going to be a giveaway of these cool lip products in two weeks! In case you are wondering, the lip stain color I used was 02 Orange Water.

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