Summer Day In Florence

Hello, my dear friends! How was your first week of July? I couldn't believe it has been over a year since our trip to Italy, I still remember the majority of our visit, especially Florence, where we spent close to a week as the last stop of our trip.

Unlike Rome, Florence is a very walkable city. If you stay somewhere near the Duomo, you can walk to almost any traction within 20 minutes. On our first day, we deiced to walk from our Airbnb, pass the fancy shopping strip and the touristy shopping strip, across Ponte Vecchio, to the St. Fediano where you can find good pizza and Palazzo Pitti.


The pizza joint (Gusta Pizza) that was known for its heart-shape pizza turned out super busy, and the pizza was okay and not heart-shaped. After lunch we walked to Palazzo Pitti, once filled with pizza and gelato, the boys had no motivation to tour a museum so we skipped Pitti. They are interested in seeing Giadino de Boboli, however, or I might have forced them a little, so we marched to the garden.

It was not easy hiking up the gravel road up to the top of the garden in 90F+ heat, then I found the floral vine covered path on the left side a lot easier to handle. The view on top was totally worth the hike. The boys found a small tree branch along the way, it really made their day! They played chase and catch all the way down hill with the branch until an garden staff advised them to throw it back in the woods.

Since the left bank is such a short walk away, and most of the restaurant recommendations we got are for places in the left bank. We went back again for dinner. Unfortunately, we didn't know reservation is a must for all the good restaurants in Florence, especially during peak season, we were not able to go to any of the recommended ones. I don't remember the name of the place we ended up going because it was so subpar, but I do remember we went back to the cute piazza where we couldn't dine in to have gelato instead. Piazza della Passera turned out one of the most photogenic street corners in Florence. And the gelato is fantastic! 

On the way back, we stopped on the Ponte Vecchio again. Now all the jewelry shops are closed, the bridge turns into a street performance venue. The boys and I enjoyed some live music. Many young people even brought their own beverages and sat around the singer, like they would in a pub.

If it is completely up to me, I might not walk back between our garden tour and dinner. There are so many cute craft shops to explore in St Fediano neighborhood. A day without too much agenda and some time and room for wandering, is a perfect travel day for me.


Alexa Chung floral dress ;
Chloe leather sandals ; 
Lack Of Color straw hat;
Muun straw bag;
Oliver Peoples sunglasses;

If you like the floral dress I worn, it is a past-season item so not available any more, but I've picked a few super cute current season floral options for you to consider on the shopping page.