I Heart These Kicks

Hello, my dear friends! Have you noticed that bulky sneakers, or the “ugly” sneakers, are taking over street styles? I used to be anti-sneakers, back when Isabel Marant high-top sneakers were all the rage, before my blogging days. Now I have at least four pairs of the IT fashion sneakers and can’t seem to stop wanting more, why? Because, 1. I am on my feet a lot more after left my office job and sitting in the house all day; and 2. the new generation of fashion sneakers are much cuter! The shapes and the color-blocking, the jewels and the prints, all the extra details make them cool fashion statement on the go. Not sure about you, I love walking in fancy footwear, definitely a bit plus when they are extremely comfortable. :D

When I found this pair of Burberry heart-print high top sneakers on Monnier Freres, an online luxury retail focuses on IT accessories, you bet my heart fluttered! I mean who can resist a cute heart print? With Monnier Freres’s two-day shipping, I didn’t have to wait too long to see these cuties in person. Love how super lightweight the sneakers are, less than a pound I think (my Gucci ones was over 2.5lbs each). The fit was wonderful, hugging the feet in the right places and the high tops keep the feet warm when it get cold.


Shopping on Monnier Freres, especially when I get to use my 20% coupon coming with my last order, I can’t just buy one thing! I decided to take the plunge and get some of the items I’ve been wishing for, the Acne Studios scarf. It is super popular among my European friends, I was wondering what was so special about them. All made sense when I held the scarf in my hands: it is thick, wide and soft. Long enough to wrap around the head and neck then a tie. If you are in an area where winter could get harsh, this scarf will keep you warm. Monnier Freres carries almost all the colors of this scarf, and matching hat as well as the most popular Acne Studios long cardigans.

The Burberry sneakers could go with many looks, instead of a typical denim or shirt pairing, I thought I should style something fun and quirky, to highlight the playfulness of these kicks. On that train of thought, I pulled out a pair wool flannel pink culottes and a pink tweed coat from my archives. As a combination, they are very comfortable and sophisticated, just like the sneakers. Throw on the scarf for more warmth and color variation, and the finishing touch of super cute tiny purse which I also found on Monnier Freres (in several lovely colors).

How do you like the final look? Using these latest accessories, I was able to breath new life into some treasured old styles. A lot of bloggers might not want to tell you this, that one of their most used styling trick is paring new IT accessories with classic clothing to make the whole look more current thus more mileage of an investment outfit.

Thank you so much for reading! Please feel free to ask any question about this look, my shopping experience with Monnier Freres, feedback about all the sneakers I’ve worn…anything!


Chanel tweed coat;
Simone Rocha wool culottes;
Acne Studios wool scarf <also in lighter wool>;
Burberry heart-print leather sneakers <similar here & here>;
Jacquemus mini purse <also in black nubuck>;
Dior hat & earrings <similar here>;
Louis Vuitton sunglasses <similar here>