Gray Blending

Hello, my dear friends! Do any of you know my actual age? Most of the time, I don’t really look and feel my actual age at all, I was born in the 70’s, btw. There are increasing number of physical signs remind me of my age, however, things like gray hair, they are getting too many for me to pluck them all strand by strand. So for the first time in my life, I consider coloring my hair to cover up the grays.

My main issue with hair coloring is the potential damage it could do to my hair, after hearing and witnessing some horrid hair coloring stories. My best best is an all nature, least-processing and low maintenance one. After being a loyal Aveda customer and seeing their hair magic backstage season after season during fashion weeks, I decided I would trust Aveda to perform my virgin hair coloring.

A picture is worth a thousand words, so instead of long paragraphs describing the process, I made a quick video showing you all of it:

<special thank you to Jouvence Aveda Salon & Ms Latoya Thomas for making this video possible>

As mentioned by Latoya in the video, highlight with a permanent hair color, a few shades lighter than your natural hair, can make the grays less visible. A process she called “gray blending”.

The pro of gray blending is:

  • one-step coloring (mine entire apportionment took less than 1.5 hours);

  • less frequency hence less potential hair damage;

  • low maintenance in between coloring (over the counter touch up pen for sideline grays).

  • root color gap is less visible;

…and the biggest con, as I can see it , is not all the grays will be covered because it is a highlight instead full-head coloring. With the amount of gray hair I am seeing right how, however, I think highlight is good enough.

Latoya and I also had a little discussion on how to care for my colored hair because I also have hair loss concern. She recommend alternating between shampoo designed for color-treated hair and the hair growth shampoo that I’ve already been using ( I wrote a review about it a year ago), while using richer conditioner to keep my hair moisturized. She also recommended using a hair masque occasionally, 2-3 times a month instead of conditioner.

What is your main hair concern? Is this blog post helpful? Please ask me any question, I’d be happy to answer with my own experience and find the answers for you if I don’t have one myself. Thank you so much for reading!


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