Polka Dotty

Hello, my dear friends! Do you feel sometimes, that fashion trends is like the scenery you see running along the same path everyday, that you anticipate to see the same general views again and again, when you look closely, however, there is always something new? The thought came to me yesterday as I was watching the Dior haute couture show, with a few strong polka dot looks at the beginning. Polka dots is hardly news on the fashion landscape, so what is new?

Image source: www.Dior.com

Image source: www.Dior.com

What is new with Dior haute couture spring 2018 has not much to do with polka dots, IMHO, Polka dot is just like the tulle that was prevalent through the show, It is unapologetically female, the way the garments are constructed, however, speaks lounder about what the look is about. I particularly like the whole collection's refrained elegance: primarily black and white, rounded shoulders and streamlined waist & hip. It is the boyish young girl figure we've seen in recent Dior collections under Maria Grazia Chiuri's art direction. Although there were not a whole lot of polka dot pieces to make this collection the ultimate polka dot collection, the ones in this collection are very strong. And I do see in general, 2018 will be the year of polka dots.

During my winter vacation in the south, I had the chance to sport my own polka dot outfit. The look is quite playful with ballooned sleeves, high slits and bouncy ruffled trims. It sure has that carefree island vibes, at the same time, the corset-like waist line keep the look from being too wild. 


Since the outfit is entirely in polka dot print, I decided to keep the accessories simple with a little touch of color.


Many of us are iffy about mixing prints and patterns, but I want to stress it gain: prints (patterns) amplify each other. When mixed well, they create much bigger impact than just being alone. Image this outfit, without the top, or with just the skirt, it wouldn't be as fun and sartorial satisfying, would it?


My short-list of print (pattern) mix that guarantee to work:

  1. same print, different color
  2. same color, different scale
  3. same print, similar color
  4. different print, same color

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you will have more fun with prints (patterns)!

Outfit Details:

Jacquemus polka dot top <similar, on sale> ;
Caroline Constas polka dot skirt <red, on sale>;
Balenciaga sling-back pumps;
Cult Gaia acrylic bag <more colors & sizes here>;
Le Specs x Adam Selman sunglasses;
Gucci ring;