So Trendy

Hello, my dear friends, how is your week progressing along? When you first saw the title of this post, you might be thinking "huh? how is this one so trendy?" The outfit you are seeing, includes multiple trends from 2017 and possibly 2018, If it doesn't overwhelm you as being too trendy, then I might have done my job right. ^^ Our topic today is about how to incorporate multiple trends in one outfit without looking too obvious.


First of all, there are major trends and minor trends every season. Trending colors, trending styles, even trending way of wearing things. Identify the trends that you like, for example, I like traditional patterns with a twist, so the trending gingham is a "yes" for me. I also love pastel colors for warm weather, the spring trend of color-blocking with pastel is a huge "yes" for me; Last but not least, I really like structural pieces, which might not be a major trend, but I pick it as my "personal touch'.

The next thing is defining the anchoring trend of an outfit. Of all three trends I mentioned above, structured design is closest to my personal style identity, so I made that the focal point by paring an origami fold top with a skirt that has a wide sash belt. Even without the color-blocking and print mix, the silhouette of this outfit will still grab attention because of the bold folds.

Add in other trends via color and styling. Using color, texture and way of styling is a much more subtle way to incorporate multiple trends into an outfit. Say, the color pink is very trendy at the moment, then I either buy the featured design in pink or pair with pink-colored designs I already have.

Don't be afraid to push the boundaries a little with accessories. Often, we don't want to take too much risk with clothing because we can't just take them off once we are out of the house. In such case, push that trend limit with accessories: shoes, handbag, hat, jewelry, etc. Because we've got a focal point in the outfit, accessories shouldn't steal the thunder unless we change the focus with something really flamboyant. With today's look, I wear pink suede sneakers, silver ball drop earrings and an IT bag. Are they all trendy, absolutely yes, but they compliment the garments in much gentle ways. Accessories is also where you can get better bang out of your buck because they can be worn with many different outfit and provide that trend update for your looks.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you will be inspired to try out the tips and make your outfit even more stylish by incorporating more trends in one! Don't forget to check my "SHOP" section for the trending items that I am obsessed with atm. 


Outfit Details:

Johanna Ortiz striped top <also avail. here & here> ;
Silvia Tcherassi belted skirt;
M Gemi suede flats < 10 color options>;
Chloe bag <also here & more colors here>;
Dior sunglasses;
Rebecca de Ravenel earrings <similar, on sale>;