NYFW: The Prep

Hello, my dear friends! In my last post, I mentioned that September is also a back to school time for us fashionista because It is the fashion month! I am currently juggling between shows, events and meetings as we speak. Like most trade-shows and conventions, the actions are none-stop during fashion week, it really take a lot of energy and preparation to survive fashion week. If you follow me on Instagram, you get to see all the actions (runway, behind-the-scene, etc) in my stories. I post and update a lot during fashion week.


In the past, I've always write about my fashion week experiences and runway picks afterwards. This season, I thought I'd share more on how I get ready for fashion week. 

Usually a month before, I start diet and exercise more regularly to make sure I am physically fit and look (hopefully) my best. I also get a haircut and take care of my skin so I can be camera ready. 

About three weeks, sometimes two weeks before, I begin to reach out to brands I love to request show invitations. I've talked more in depth about how to request fashion show invites in a previous pos (search under keyword "fashionshow" you will find it). Most invites come from PR firms who run the shows, but sometimes, I also get them directly from the designers. Once my show schedule is set, I then fill in events and meetings, which most likely are planned the week before.

Besides schedule, the second most vital part of a fashion week is outfits. A good outfit will get you as much action outside the tent as you do inside. For some people, outfits might be even more important than the shows they attend. 

My typical approach to fashion show outfits is combination of on-trend clothing and to-die-for accessories (bags, shoes, jewelry). Most of the clothing I wear I had purchased them throughout the year with a couple last minute additions if I feel I must have them to complete a look. For example, a Balenciaga dress you will see me in was pre-ordered back in July, and another jumpsuit was purchase earlier this year while I was in Paris. 

With accessories, however, I often buy them last minute because I want to have the latest and greatest. Usually times like this, it is a shopping spree on full price, might sounds fun but in fact a big dent on my budget. I look for the best prices I could find and take advantage of whatever promotion the retails might have, get a gift card, first-time buyer bonus discount, etc. I've recently discovered Monnier Freres, a French on-line luxury retail site with amazing selection of sought-after designer handbags, shoes and jewelry that are on trend and in high demand. The best news is, their prices are one of the lowest I could find, often with additional discount. Repeating customer gets a 20% discount on anything, including full-priced items. Because of that, I was able to get this cute Marc Jacobs belt bag, two pairs of on-point crystal earrings and a pair of hot-off-the-press Jimmy Choo pumps, all together less than one trendy bag I bought from a boutique.


Thank you so much for reading! Stay tuned for more fashion week updates, please feel free to ask me anything you are interest in knowing about fashion week, I will try my best to answer.

<Thank you Monnier Freres in partnering with this post>


Cecilie Bahnsen shirtdress;
Chica Kisada tulle dress <new season blush>;
Marc Jacobs belt bag;
Celine pumps <similar>;
Helene Zubeldia earrings;
Prada sunglasses <similar>;