Tulle Be Or Not Tulle Be?

Hello, my dear friends! If it hasn’t hit your Instagram feed or blog roll with mass force yet, consider yourself warned: the fashion gang is coming at you wrapped in tulle! High fashion houses such as Prada and Erdem, and of course, Dior, have been sending messages to their fans that tulle can be for grown-up girls, too!

My personal favs are Prada’s neon tulle over cocktail dress look with a logo-baring nylon bodice, and Dior’s tulle pleated midi skirt over embellished romper look. In both bases, tulle brings that much needed counter force to otherwise too masculine / boudoir. For NYFW, one of my looks was inspired by the Dior runway, a tulle midi dress over a leather romper.

Since the tulle and leather combination can easily be associate with evening wear, I accessories the look with mostly daytime accessories such as a wool boater hat and distressed brass jewelry. Even the bag which was meant to be a cute shoulder bag, I wore it as a belt bag to make the whole look more casual.

One thing I didn’t pair down, however, is the footwear. Despite the huge styling trend of dad sneakers with dresses, I want my look to be overall sophisticated. I went with a pair of Jimmy Choo mesh sock heels I found on Monnier Freres. These heels are in-line with the latest decorative fantasy shoe trend.

If an full-body look is not you, I’d say these sock heels are much subtler way to rock the tulle trend. They are in-line with the latest decorative fantasy shoe trend, they can be styled both up (with pretty dresses) and down (with wool shorts and knit pants). Just in the past two weeks post NYFW, I’ve already worn these heels a couple of times, from an hip evening function to a night out with my girlfriends. You get the best value of your fashion investment when you can wear it “with everything”.

As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, for fashion week looks, I prefer to get the latest styles but try to find the best deal I could. Monnier Freres came to my attention when I was researching for these Choos, they are the first online retailer to carry them. Avid online shopper like me, selection, price and return policy are the three most important factor that determine whether or not I will become a royal customer. When I found out that Monnier Freres offers a return customer discount of up to 20%, express shipping and 30-day free return, on top of all the latest styles they have, I am definitely going back for more! If you decide to check out the site, which I highly recommend you do, don’t forget to take advantage of the new customer discount on the latest & greatest!

Thank you so much for reading! Do you like shopping site reviews like this one? How about user reviews of product / design? Please comment with your questions, I will do my best to help answer them!


Dior leather romper;
Chica Kisada tulle dress;
Jimmy Choo sock suede heels <also in white leather>;
Dior round mini bag<great alternative 1, 2 & 3>;
Dior earrings & necklace <similar here & here>;
Poppy Lissiman sunglasses <similar here>;
Ruslan Baginskiy wool hat <similar here>;

Etoile Isabel Marant ruffled neck blouse;
Saint Laurent tweed shorts;
Mango oversized plaid blazer;
Jimmy Choo sock suede heels <also in white leather>;;
Dior saddle bag <great alternative here & here>;
Helene Zubeldia earrings;
Louis Vuitton sunglasses <similar here>;