Pastel Suit

Hello, my dear friends! When I say "pastel suit", you might think "ahh, old news!" True, they have been "blooming" all over street style and trend reports since the beginning of fashion week, especially in the shades of pink and blue. What is new today is shopping and styling hacks that will make your investment in such a trendy item valuable season after season.

As you might have guessed from the suit I have on in this post, pastel is only one obvious character of this set, it also has other finer design details making it a timeless one that will withstand the test of time. Details such as fine pinstripes, hi-low hems, oversized but tapered at the bottom as well as cropped length pants. When shopping for a pastel suit, look out for special details that you know you will love regardless of trend. Even when pastel is not trendy any more, these details will attract you to pick it over others in future seasons.


Besides wearing them as a set, the biggest styling tip I have for pastel suit pieces is mix-n-match and color-block with them like candy cane. It is always refreshing to have pastel colors mixed with each other or as an element of an ombre color theme or contrasting with jewel tone and other rich hues. If the set has other details such as prints or patterns, you can also style them in mixed-print or pattern looks. In either case, pairing with current accessories are essential to avoid a timed-and-tired ensemble.

Thank you so much for reading! I've linked a few pastel suits for you to consider, these will be one of those suits that you can depend on when you want some extra zest in styling.


Petra Petrov pinstriped suit ;
Baleciaga knife slingback pumps <here & here>; 
Yee-Si bag <also here>;
Saint Laurent sunglasses;
Celine earrings;
Rusland Baginskiy hat;